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Dr. Will Tantum

I love being an eye doctor. I’ve dedicated the last decade of my life to studying how our eyes function and helping people see their best. Sight is one of the greatest miracles of life and a sense we should cherish. Something I have learned though is that there is a difference between having sight and having vision. While one comes from our amazing visual system, the other describes something beyond what our eyes can see. Vision is both powerful and essential. It propels us forward, gives us hope and allows us to achieve success. Vision moves us from stagnancy to achievement, and it allows us to see beyond our circumstance to what is possible. I love helping people to see their best, but even more than that, I love helping people develop vision for their careers, their relationships and their lives!

01. Meet Dr. Will

Optometrist Prime Designs

Several years ago, I decided to try building a coffee table. That table uncovered a passion for creating and woodworking. Eventually I turned my passion into small business and started Optometrist Prime designs. I work mainly with reclaimed barnwood, and I love building things and seeing the joy on peoples’ faces when they see the final product for the first time!

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Originally from Knoxville, I have a deep love for East Tennessee. I graduated from Rocky Mountain College in Montana with degree in Biology, and I attended Southern College of Optometry in Memphis to earn my Doctor of Optometry (OD). I jumped right into practice in Maryville and took over as CEO of Blount County Eye Center. I have been blessed to lead my practice to becoming one of the fastest growing independent eye care practices in the country. That time has seen us build an award-winning 10,000 sq. ft. facility that houses 5 full-time Optometric Physicians, the region’s only Kids Clinic and the area’s first Vision Therapy Clinic. In that time, we have also grown from 3.5 employees to over 35 skilled team members!

Hobbies & Passions

Nothing is better than wading out into the river for some fly fishing! I may not win any awards for my casting or presentation, but the freedom of being on the river brings unmatched peace. I enjoy photography, especially landscape photography. Being able to capture natural beauty through a lens is an incredible way to capture a special moment in time to enjoy for the rest of your life. I also enjoy snowboarding, great music and watching football games!

Health & Fitness

Our health is a precious gift, and I am dedicated to living my best life through exercise and the dietary choices I make. I work out seven days a week and really enjoy pushing myself in the weight room. I also love to try new foods, and my diet is based on whole, natural foods that help me pursue my dreams everyday!


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The LOVE Eye Care Program is a mission to show simple, intentional acts of kindness to the people living in our local community. It is an effort by eye care professionals to have a real and sustainable impact outside their practice walls. LOVE Eye Care is rooted in the belief that a person’s vision and eye health are fundamental to their overall quality of life. Many individuals in our community cannot afford quality eye care, or they have barriers to receiving care. LOVE Eye Care was created to bridge that gap to allow everyone a chance at better vision! The handful of LOVE Programs tied to LOVE Eye Care were created to help extend the gift of vision around the world, and to support the community and people who allow LOVE Eye Care to exist.


Hayes Center Practice of Excellence Finalist

Pinnacle Entrepeneur & Community Impact Awards

Rocky Mountain College Outstanding Young Alumni


  • WIVK-Lexus Leader for Community Service
  • Review of Optometry Office Design Contest Winner
  • CooperVision Best Practices in America



America's Finest Optical Retailer

Best of Blount: Small Business of the Year


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  • Leadership Blount Class of 2019
  • Essilor of America #DifferenceMaker Winner
Dr. Will Tantum

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